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【英语】总结经典范文 对照复习拿高分

【英语】总结经典范文 对照复习拿高分 首页多彩生活娱乐八卦汽车世界科技产业数码新品游戏动漫体坛风云军情解码社会万象健康养生 首页 / 社会万象 / 【英语】总结经典范文 对照复习拿高分 【英语】总结经典范文 对照复习拿高分 Posted on 2014年10月14日 by feichongzi in 社会万象 下面是大作文的经典范文,乐考无忧老师根据几个大类总结一下,供大家参考:健康类(1)1997年真题。Directions:Study the following set of pictures carefully and write an essay in no less than 120 ur essay must be written clearly on ANSWER SHEET ur essay should cover all the information provided and meet the requirements below:1. Interpret the following pictures.2. Predict the tendency of tobacco consumption and give your reasons.真题分析:这是典型的图表+提纲式的命题,题目中提供的材料十分丰富,包括柱状图、饼状图以及其他相关数据。通过对组图的分析,我们可以看出烟草在全世界有着十分庞大的消费群体规模,每年因为烟草消费消耗的资金数额大得惊人,同时也有数以百万计的人由于烟草消费而被夺去了生命。当然,我们从图中也可以发现一个令人欣喜的趋势,那就是烟草的总产量在近几年呈下降的态势,一定程度上说明了烟草消费引起的健康问题开始得到了人们的重视,并出现了相关的解决措施。本题的难点在于图表给的信息量太大,考生如何最恰当地在全文中使用数据将决定文章的质量。如果一味将所有数据都堆在第一段,会造成第一段过于冗长,全文头重脚轻。在下面的范文中,图表数字得到了灵活的运用,比较得体。比如文章在一开始先用烟民人数占全世界人数的比例来说明了烟草消费的巨大规模,然后又通过该行业消耗的人民财产和生命进一步说明产业之大、对人类危害之重。而至于第一幅图中关于烟草产量的数字则被用到了第二段中来说明未来的趋势,非常得体、恰当。范文:Tobacco is one of the commodities that are consumedin an immense om the pictures, we can learn thatthe global smoking populationamounts to1.1 billion,approximately20% of all the worlds’ residents. 200 billion dollars are spentannually in order topurchasetobacco and relevant products, which furtherstimulatethe business’anwhile,the harm caused by tobacco consumption is experiencing a similar upward trend—statistics indicates that3,000,000 people die of smoking and related diseases every vertheless, given the pessimistic statistics at the present, we can still predict optimistically thattobacco consumption willdeclinebased on several new tendencies that the first place, there is an extensive public awareness of the negative impact of smoking, and as a result, more people resist thetempetationof the second place, governments are setting more regulations to limit tobacco production. The effectiveness of such a policy wastestifiedby the prompt drop of the tobacco production from 14.364 billion in 1994 pounds to 14.2 billion pounds in 1995 as seen in the short, I firmly believe that, with the efforts of the whole society, we canlaunchmore movements to realize a cleaner world with less smoking.道德类(1)1998年真题。Directions:Study the following set of pictures carefully and write an essay in no less than 150 ur essay must be written clearly on ANSWER SHEET ur essay should cover all the information provided and meet the requirements below:1. Write out the message conveyed by the cartoon.2. Give your comments.真题分析:本题是考研短文作文中采用漫画来作为试题的第一次尝试。图中一只母鸡在高唱产品承诺,但是我们看一看其承诺会不禁哑然失笑,因为所谓的“承诺”只不过的它的本分。漫画形象生动了反映了当今社会上一个普遍而又奇怪的现象,也就是商家故意混淆“吹嘘”和“分内事”之间的关系,从而误导消费者。本题的难点在于考生需要从大量的文字信息中找到中心思想。这里的一大忌讳就是盲目翻译打油诗和母鸡的承诺,因为这不仅会占用很多字数,而且不伦不类的翻译还会降低文章的质量。这就进一步说明了在写作图画作文的时候,抓住中心思想、提炼观点才是关键。范文:The cartoon presentsa hen singing proudly about her promise of producing good-quality wever, a quick glance ather wordsreveals ironically thattheso-called“promise”—round eggs composed of the three necessary parts of shell, white and yolk—is,as a matter of fact, what a hen is supposed to e henmirrors a phenomenon that permeates our society, that is, businessesutilizethe basic features of their products and services as theselling pointsfor their advertisement campaigns. These “beautiful promises”tend toshape a false impression in the consumers’ mind that the products and services are of extraordinary this sense, the promise of one’s own responsibility is like a method of cheating, and is quite against professional morals, although there is no evidence of dishonesty if the words are my point of view, other than promising what one should do, the secret for business success is to have the consumers understand what extra advantages they would be provided with. Such an initiative can push businesses to conduct profound research, dedicate themselves to innovation, and concentrate on quality improvement and perfection, thus leading to healthy industry development and positive social nsequently,businesses themselves are surely to benefit more from a wholesome market environment.人口增长类1999年真题。Directions:Study the following set of pictures carefully and write an essay in no less than 150 ur essay must be written clearly on ANSWER SHEET ur essay should cover all the information provided and meet the requirements below:1. Effect of the country’s growing human population on its wildlife2. Possible reason for the effect.3. Your suggestion for wildlife protection.真题分析:本题为多年来考研作文短文题目中仅有的一道纯图表题目。图中只给出了一大一小两幅简单的线形图,要求考生分析两幅图之间的关系,总结出题目的主题和内涵。针对本题,我们所要做的第一步是仔细阅读图中的文字说明和数据,特别注意数据的变化趋势。但是,在文章中切忌简单罗列所有数据,不仅会使文章无端地增加长度,还会使考官无法抓住文章主题。对于数据的处理一般都是进行概括分析,仅举几个典型的数据为例来说明问题。第一幅线形图中,美国人口在1800年至1980年至短短200年之间增长了近250倍,而从1700年至1900年200年间美国的生物灭绝速度却增加了70倍。人口增长的速度和物种灭绝的速度正好成正比。由此可以推断,题目要求考生认清这两者之间的关系,认识到人口的增长和扩展严重威胁到了物种的生存,从而要求考生在文章中分析问题产生的原因,提出解决方案。范文:Currently, there is a widespread concern about the previously neglected connection betweengrowing human population and decreasing wild the two graphs obviously portrayed, American population in 1980 was 250 times than that in 1800,a trend accompanied bythe extinction of nearly 70 kinds of wildlife in the past 300 years.A clear correlation is suggested thatmankind hasexerted atremendously negativeinfluenceon natural ere are many factors responsible for the aforementioned rst and foremost, to satisfy the space demand for theboomingpopulation,the only available solutionfor Americans is totake occupation offorests and grassland. that used to be habitat of wild animals and rthermore, the process of industrialization and urbanization hasgeneratedsevere pollution that essentially destroys environment my point of view, thedearthof wildlife today forecasts anunpromisingfuture for humans tomorrow. In order toeliminatespecies extinction, relevant laws and regulations must be established and enforced to maintain a large portion fective measures should also be applied to ensure thatthe impact of pollution be removed.环境保护类(1)2000年真题。Directions:Study the following set of pictures carefully and write an essay in no less than 150 ur essay must be written clearly on ANSWER SHEET ur essay should cover all the information provided and meet the requirements below:1. Describe the pictures2. Deduce the purpose of the artist of the pictures.3. Suggest counter-measures.真题分析:本题的题目是一组图,其中上下两幅图形成了鲜明的对比。考生需要抓住的细节包括年代的差别(分别是1900年和1995年,相隔约一个世纪)、渔船数量的差别、海洋中鱼的数量差别。这时只要简单地加以分析就可以发现,画图者的意图是警告人们,如果人类继续无节制地开发自然资源,那么总有一天自然资源将会彻底枯竭,最终威胁到人类自己的生存。考生需要分析画图者的本意,并提出相应的解决措施。这里需要再次提醒的一点是,在第一段描述图中内容时,要用过去时来说明两个不同年代的情况。范文:The picture unveils a drastic change ofocean ecology during the past century due to theexpandingscaleof world commercial fishing. There were few fishing ships on the sea in 1900 when anenormousnumber of fish swam freely;in contrast, in 1995 a large fleet of ships were endeavoring tosearch forthe only fish in the e tremendous contrast presented by the drawing alarmingly reminds usof thedetrimentaldeteriorationof oceanic ecosystem by the greediness of mankind. The industry of commercial fishing had undergone a booming expansionalong withthe growing public awareness of the merits of seafood, which made fishing cking knowledge regardingthe significance of ecological balance, businessmen sent out ships thatinsatiablychased fishes and thusposed a severe threat toall life in the sea. However, this trend may in prevent theexhaustionof ocean resources, governments should unite to work out effective measures against commercial fishing. For instance, there should be limitations on fishing time and location so as to reduce theexploitationof the sea. Moreover, people alsocall forlaws and regulations that are responsible for punishingexcessivefishing. Last but not the least, the public attachment to the importance of balance preservation would play a decisive role in saving ocean species from extinction.情感类(1)2001年真题。Directions:Among all the worthy feelings of mankind, love is probably the noblest, but everyone has his/her own understanding of ere has been a discussion recently on the issue in a newspaper. Write an essay to the newspaper to:1) show your understanding of the symbolic meaning of the picture below,2) give a specific example, and3) give your suggestion as to the best way to show u should write about 200 words on ANSWER SHEET 2.真题分析:本题的出题者预设了一个情景,即最近报纸上正在进行关于“爱”的大讨论,要求考生根据给出的图为报社写一篇相关的文章。其实无论题目中是否给出了一个具体的情景,对于考生的写作基本上没有什么大的影响。考生可以简单考虑或者忽略给定情景,而专注于对图画的分析和解读。这幅图内容非常简单,一盏画着笑脸火焰的油灯,以及上面的一行字“爱心是一盏灯,在越黑暗的地方越明亮”,相当于中国古语中“雪中送炭”的效果。该图的寓意非常深刻,说明人们在困境中得到的帮助是非常珍贵的,从而鼓励人人在他人困难的时候献出爱心,互相帮助。范文:The light of an oil lamp isapproximatelyinsignificant in the daytime; however, the darker the environment is, the more brilliant it seems,just as is depicted in the picture. The importance of love,to some extent, can be interpreted according to a similar logic—love is more precious when it is given to those who are in difficulties specify this statement, I would like to takeKong Fansenas an example. Kong, instead ofsettling forhis comfortable official position in the rich andwell-offProvince of Shandong,volunteeredto serve in a most backward area in Tibet where the weather isnotoriouslyabominable. Kong was consistentlydedicated tothe fulfillment of the principle of “serving the people”, and he always appeared at the most critical moments of local residents’ hardship andimpediment. Freezing as it was in Tibet, Kong’s love and care largely warmed people’s ng’s story, suggest that the best practice to show love is to help those who are in need. We should always be ready to provide assistance to others, even if it is merely minor things like listening to others’ troubles.A little of our generosity might brighten the whole world of the unfortunate.文化交流类2002年真题。Directions:Study the following picture carefully and write an essay entitled “Cultures-National and International”.In the essay you should:{C}1){C}describe the picture and interpret its meaning, and{C}2){C}give your comment on the u should write about 200 words on ANSWER SHEET 2.真题分析:本题体现了考研短文出题的多样性,采用了一张照片而不是传统的图画。这张照片十分具有感染力,但其中的难点是考生如何分析出图画的主题。我们可以看到题目中提示我们照片是一个美国女孩,因此我们可以将她引申为西方文化和思想的代表。而她身穿的中式服装则是中国传统和文化的代表。这身中式服装显然很适合美国女孩,而且女孩脸上甜蜜的笑容也说明她非常喜欢自己的装束。因此,我们可以认为这种和谐的氛围代表了西方人对于中国文化的接受、欣赏和认同。这就是本题的大致分析思路。考生可以结合当今世界的全球化趋势来说明文化既是民族的,也是世界的。中国应当在国内外大力弘扬其优秀的传统文化,吸引全世界的眼球,并达到中国和世界各国文化的共同发展。范文:It is a very eye-catching photo in whichan American girl is content in showing her traditional Chinese costume. She fits perfectly in the well-decorated hat, earrings, andsplendidrobe that apparentlyoriginate froma Southern Chinese ethnic group. What makes this picture extraordinary is the girl’s moving smile, which clearly indicates a westerner’s recognition and appreciation of Chinese e sense of harmony thatpermeatesthis picture is representative of a new global tendency, that is, people of different nations begin to seek profoundmutualunderstanding and friendly communication. As a result, cultures become international. China, in particular,unveilsits previously mysterious image to the rest of the world by its open policy, and thus provides foreigners with the access of a rich anddiversifiedgalleryof traditional Chinese culture. The effect of such communication can be best exemplified by the recent years’ fashion to celebrate the traditional Chinese new year—the Spring Festival ile people belong to nations, cultures know no econtemporaryglobalization is not onlyfeaturedby frequent international trades, economic and political exchanges, but more importantly, by global citizens’ awareness andcomprehensionof the cultures in the world. I firmly believe that theblendof cultures is contributing, and will contribute more, to world peace, development, and prosperity.教育类(1)2003年真题。Directions:Study the following set of drawings carefully and write an essay in which you should:1) describe the set of drawings, interpret its meaning, and2) point out its implications in our u should write about 200 words on ANSWER SHEET 2.真题分析:这又是一组对比的组图,非常简单明了。两张图的大背景都是暴风雨交加的恶劣天气,在左边的图中,花朵在温室中绚烂地开放;而右图中,同样的一朵花在离开了温室之后就黯然凋谢了。组图题为“温室花朵经不起风雨”,考生稍加分析就可以发现该图并不只是谈论花朵,而更是指向了我们平时所说的“祖国的花朵”们,也就是孩子们,这就自然而然地和社会问题联系在了一起。中国在实施了计划生育之后,独生子女们成为了家里的“小皇帝”、“小公主”,受到全家人的百般呵护,从小就在蜜罐中长大。这些孩子们人生道路几乎都是一帆风顺,没有经历过大的困难和挫折,因此一旦离开了父母的保护,就很容易由于经不起各种社会现实的打击而一蹶不振。通过这番分析,我们就可以得出文章的主要论点,即受到过分溺爱的孩子们经不起挫折和逆境。范文:As the title indicates, “greenhouse flowers cannot survive unpleasant weather”,the set of pictures apparently reminds us thatexcessiveprotection only leads to negative results. When a flowerblossomsin the greenhouse despite of theexternalrain and thunder, itwithersimmediately once being moved out of ildren in China are always compared to “the flowers of our motherland”. It is alarming thata large portion ofthem are in danger of experiencing a similarmisfortuneto the flower in the is is partly attributed tothe birth of a generation of “only children”, who are quite pampered and spoiled by their parents. Leading a life full of success, love and sweetness, these children are quite ignorant of failure, hardship, and the taste of tears thatabound inreal life. Therefore, when they leave home, they might be overly sensitive to frustration and easily suffer depression that prevents them from a happy and promising is type of child is not what we hope for the future of our country. On the contrary, we need tonurturea generation that is fully prepared for independent life, so that it is ready to confront any challenge, adapt to changes of environment, and survive the heated competition in today’s world.人生价值类2004年真题。Directions:Study the following drawing carefully and write an essay in which you should:1) describe the drawing,2) interpret its meaning, and3) support your view with u should write about 200 words on ANSWER SHEET 2.真题分析:本题承袭了考研漫画内容简洁、寓意深刻的风格。一个满头大汗的运动员正冲破了一次长跑比赛的终点,而在终点的不远处,赫然标着两个大字“起点”。通过漫画的题目“终点又是新起点”,考生很容易就可以抓住本题的中心论点:在人生道路上,我们不能仅仅满足于一两次的成功,而只有不断地追求,我们才能取得进步和发展。这也符合哲学上事物是不断发展的这一趋势和真理。针对这类人生奋斗类的题型,一般提纲都会要求考生举出事例,即使提纲没有要求,考生最好也能够写出一两个事例,以增强文章的说服力。一般来说,在这种情况下,举残疾人、先进人物等的例子会比较切题,有效地加强文章的力度。范文:The picture presentsa young runner who just finishes a long run and arrives at the finish line,sweating and smiling. While he stand at the end, a sign stating “beginning” lies not far away from his position, indicating that “an end means a new beginning”.It is true thatwhen a runner reaches the end of one race, he needs to realize that his immediate task is how toachievethe next goal, instead of indulging the pastgloryandaccomplishment. Theidenticaltruth applies to every individual, organization, and nation, that setting new goals continuously is the source edeaf and muteAmerican girl Helen Kelleris a typical example of our case, as she had spent her whole life struggling and striving for one goal after is not surprising thatshe finallyturned out to bean excellent ually, businesses and industries should keep setting new tasks in order to preserve their competitiveness. Microsoft, for instance, never ceases creating new products the companylaunchedVista, Office 2007 and Exchange Server recently though it is already being such a short, it isnon-stopefforts that lead to progress.家庭关系类(1)2005年真题。Directions:Write an essay of words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should first describe the drawing, then interpret its meaning, and give your comment on u should write on ANSWER SHEET 2.真题分析:本题是非常典型的看图作文。乍一看这是一场非常奇怪的足球赛,竟然有四个球门。仔细一看才发现原来这是一场赡养老人足球赛。我们很容易就可以发现其中人物关系。守着四个球门的是老人的三个儿子和一个女儿,他们的衣着显示出了他们有足够的经济能力来赡养父亲,但是他们都不愿意承担这个。很明显出题者要求考生批判这种不良社会风气,对那些不愿意赡养老人的儿女们提出谴责,并指出尊敬老人是我们中华民族的传统美德,应该继续发扬。范文:The cartoon displays a very special and thought-provokingsoccer game: the four goals are kept by an old man’s three sons and one daughter, while the old man himself becomes the ball, being kicked among the four corners by his “beloved” children. It is clearly indicated that none of them is willing to spare atinyportion of time and money to repay their old father who have raised rough the artistic presentation, we can be easily remindedof a popular phenomenon in today’s society, that is,disrespecttowards elders andshirkingof the responsibility ofnursingaging parents. The boosting economic development in China sadly witnesses adeteriorationof the public awareness offilialduty, which had taken anindispensableposition in traditional Chinese values for thousands of years. However, as the society grows morebenefit-oriented, the once unbrokenbondbetween parents and children is fundamentally shaken and begins my point of view, the trend goes quite against the genuine and original purpose ofour pursuit of wealth and welfare, that is, to shape a rich life both materially and mentally. Thinking of the love we received from our parents whenswaggeringbabies, we must realize that repaying parents by a happy life with financial and psychological support is not only a duty that should not beshrugged off, but a key element to achieve a harmonious society.社会热点类(1)2006年真题。Directions:Study the following photos carefully and write an essay in which you should:1) describe the photo briefly,2) interpret the social phenomenon reflected by them, and3) give your points of u should write about 200 words on ANSWER SHEET 2.真题分析:本题又出现了照片,而且这一次是两幅照片。但是这两幅照片没有对比关系,只是并列关系,用来说明同一个问题。左图中一个男子将贝克汉姆的名字写在自己的脸上,右图另一个男子不惜花300元来做一个“小贝头”,这两种现象都是源自他们对于贝克汉姆的疯狂崇拜。明星崇拜在我们现在这个社会中已经见怪不怪了,正是人们的追星使得娱乐业发展成为了一个巨大的产业。许多青少年和年轻人只是因为某个明星歌唱得好,或者戏演得好,或者长得帅气或者漂亮,就盲目地对他们进行崇拜,模仿明星的一言一行,而对于其中良莠不齐的影响不加辨别、全盘吸收,从而影响了他们自身的成长和发展。因此,我们很容易就可以判断出本题的目的在于指出年轻人应该树立正确的世界观、人生观、价值观,树立积极向上的人生追求和生活方式。范文:The two pictures illustrate vividlythe popularity of the famous British soccer star David the left picturea man painted Beckham’s name on his face to show his support for Beckham,while in the rightanother is willing to spend three hundred yuan to have a hairstyle that is exactly the same as Beckham’om the two pictures we can sensea crazy tendency of idol worship in today’s China. Star fans, the majority of whom areteenagersand young adults, are used toblindlyfollowing every aspect ofcelebrities’behavior, accepting both positive and negative influences ide fromBeckham, anothertellingexample is the nation-wide “Super-Girl competitions” held in past two years in China. They were so successful in drawing fans’ attention and emotions that theups and downsof the “super girls” had almostconstitutedthe whole lives of mittedlyit is natural thatthose cool and fashionable stars seem attractive to the vertheless, it is the responsibility of our government and society to guide young people in building awholesomeoutlook towards the world and life. In my opinion, what’s most important is to have themadoreworthyvalues and qualities, such as honesty,diligence, andpersistence. 文章导航Previous Previous post: 手游和主机游戏研发应互相学习什么?下一条 Next post: 张柏芝、谢霆锋和王菲,怎么都能在一起! 本站CDN由UPYUN又拍云强力驱动. 关于我们 | 加入我们 | 联系我们 | 版权声明 © 爪游控 版权所有. 陕ICP备号-1 Top